Rainbow Laminates

Rainbow laminate has world standards EN, CE and E0. Note that the E0 standard is qualitatively higher than the E1 standard, and most laminate flooring in Iran currently has only the E1 standard. Rainbow laminate HDF is provided by Dare brand. Dare brand is one of the best and highest quality HDF brands and one of its significant advantages is its very high resistance to moisture. If moisture penetrates the HDF Dare core over time and causes the margins and clicks of the laminate to rise, after the laminates are opened and dried, this bulge will disappear, which is a special feature of this brand. Rainbow laminate is four-click and all clicks are made of solid paraffin (Solid Wax). Solid Wax is one grade higher than Liquid Wax in terms of quality, and most laminates on the market use liquid paraffin. The degree of protection of Rainbow laminate against Ac4 abrasion is suitable for high-traffic residential and medium-traffic commercial places. The compactness of rainbow commercial laminates is 10 ± 900. The locking system used in the laminate has a standard grade that causes the joints to be completely fastened, and as a result, it is resistant to the penetration of moisture and other environmental factors. and due to the high quality of clicks ,this laminate can be moved and reinstalled many times in a new location.  . The material is anti-allergy and damage and is suitable for buildings with underfloor heating system because the bottom layer consists of a type of resin compound that is resistant to moisture and heat. The design and coating of Rainbow laminates belong entirely to the German company Inter Print, which makes the laminate design have a high degree of transparency.




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