Eco Plus Laminates

Eco Plus laminate has the world standards EN, CE and E1. The HDF used in this laminate is from Pooya Plus brand, which is the best HDF brand in Iran in terms of quality. Eco Plus laminate is four-click and all clicks are applied paraffin to increase resistance. The density  of Ecoplus laminate is 10 ± 870. The locking system used in this laminate has a high standard and also connections ensure complete fastening of the horns and their endurance and due to the high quality of clicks ,this laminate can be moved and reinstalled many times in a new location.  The bottom layer (balance paper) of Eco Plus laminate has the highest quality grade available and as you know, the highest quality grade of balance paper is yellow and the lowest level is red. The quality of this laminate is standardized for residential use, and obviously, as long as it is a
residential type, user will not have to worry about surface wear.



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