About Us

Rainbow Trading Co. Manufacturer of laminate flooring and importer of nano wallpapers in Iran

About Us


Rainbow after a few years of research and review by various teams began a strong activity in the interior decoration industry and now in the shadow of God Almighty has more than 260 representatives and active sales agents throughout the country. We are proud that from the beginning of the company's path, the goal of using the highest quality materials in the import of products such as parquet and wallpaper, which for the first time by selecting and ordering quality raw materials and coagulation, was realized directly with a reputable manufacturer. Service to fellow human beings, whose companionship and good attention are more valuable and praiseworthy for the rainbow than any title, position, or rank.

Rainbow Commercial Company offers parquet (Rainbow Commercial) in compliance with standard principles and has a 10-year warranty , and in case of any problems and provided that the following defective goods are observed, it will be replaced free of charge.

Warranty items:

  1. Installation of the product along with the foam by a professional team and approved by the official representatives of the company.
  2. Use shampoo and wax approved by the company to clean the surface of the product.
  3. Use of special foam approved by the company for places with underfloor heating system.
  4. Do not install the product in out door
  5. Do not install in environments with very high humidity, such as swimming pools, baths, etc.
  6. Do not throw or drop heavy objects on the surface of the product.




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